1. I’ll be real with you, Groupiewolves. The state of this season has been so fucking abysmal that I haven’t had the heart to blog. Despite the fact that the Timberhunks are as hunky as ever. I’ve been in a deep emotional slump, cold to the world in such a profound way that not even the many coats of Kevin Love could warm me up.

    That is, until I heard the wise words of Ricky Rubio to Alexey Shved. Shvedder and I have very similar outlooks on life, or so we have discussed during our many late night talks on VK's chat feature. We're kindred spirits, ol' Lexey and I. Always quick to put ourselves down and get mired in negativity. Ricky Rubio, however, is pure optimism. He's a ray of wise sunshine in an adorable well coiffed package.

    Alright, Rubi-bro. I will change the face, be happy, and enjoy, despite the fact that this season has been incredibly shitty. Only for you. 

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